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Château Les Croisille

The Croisille family’s adventure began in 1979 when Cécile and Bernard rented an abandoned domaine on the Causses de Luzech terroir. They cleared the land and brought it back to life, gradually creating vineyard parcels in which the Malbec varietal now reigns supreme. They were joined by their son Germain in 2008, followed by his childhood friend Nicolas in 2010 and lastly by Simon, who joined his family at the domaine in 2015. 

The Château les Croisille now covers 30 hectares of vines. The members of the younger generation have brought their passion for wine and fresh perspective on viticulture to the estate giving its wines new ambitions and a new lease of life. Certified organic farms in 2013, the Château les Croisille now to vinifies focusing on seperate terroirs to find the meaning of the diversity and rich variety of chalky soils to bring them much closer to the purity of great wines.

Le Croizillon Cahors Malbec


VINE AGE: 35 years on average

SOIL: Iron-rich and sandy red clay

FARMING: Certified organic. 

VINIFICATION: Natural yeast fermentation, aged 6 months in stainless steel tanks.