Le Père Jules

Le Père Jules cider-house is located in Lisieux, a village of the Pays d’Auge AOC, in the heart of the Normandy region. In 1919, Jules Desfrieches, a veteran from world war one, retreated to his family farm and pressed his first bottles of cider.

In 1949, his son, Léon, took over the family estate and renamed the cider-house “Le Père Jules” as an homage to his father. Léon's son, Thierry, joined the family business in 1976, followed in 2002 by his own son, Guillaume, who now runs the 250 acres estate with 100 acres planted with bittersweet apple trees and 25 acres planted with pears.

The Desfrieches have been following organic practices since the start relying on 100 roaming cows to provide the natural fertilizer and high stalks trees planted far from each other to avoid diseases and contamination.

Cidre Pays d'Auge 


This cider is produced from no less than 20 different varieties of apples, giving it a very nice balance between the sweet, bitter and acidic varieties. After a fermentation process that is modified in its length to produce the “brut”, “demi-sec” and “doux” varieties, and a light filtration, it is bottled in order to naturally develop its own natural gas. This gives it the fine bubbles that we are known for.

Poiré de Normandie  

Our “Poiré”, or Pear Cider, is produced from three varieties of pears that come from multi centennial orchards. It is known it’s the fresh and refined taste. As with the cider, our Poiré is lightly filtered and bottled to develop its fine natural gas. It is excellent to drink with any sea food.


This product is the result of the subtle marriage of freshly pressed apple cider and Calvados that has been aged for one year. Afterward, it is aged in oak barrels for several years, where the flavor will be transformed to result in a finished product with a smooth harmonious taste filled with aromas. It’s the “aperitif,” or before dinner drink, par excellence from Normandy.

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