Domaine de Menard

Domaine Rotier is located south-east of town Gaillac at the lieu-dit “Petit Nareye” on the commune of Cadalen. The Petit Nareye, which constitutes most of Domaine Rotier, has been known to man for a very long time, as several tools made from quartz dating from the Paleolithic Age (150 to 200 000 years ago) have been found here. But the story of the Domaine starts with Gérard ROTIER and his wife Michèle, Alain’s parents. They settled in 1961 in the area at "La Pélisserie" before purchasing the the abandoned vineyard of "Petit Nareye" in 1975.

In 1985, Alain got involved in the running of the estate with his parents and decided to stop selling the grapes to the local co-operative to set up their own cellar as Domaine Rotier. From that day on, particular attention and care was taken in the management and maintenance of the vines and soils. In 1990 the cellar was improved and extended with a further extension in 1999 that included the installation of an air-conditioning system for maturing and storing the wines. In 1997, Alain’s brother-in-law Francis Marre joined him on the estate enabling Gérard and Michèle Rotier to retire. Alain looks after the wine making, sales and maketing, while Francis looks after the management of the 35 ha of vines.

Alain always believed in the potential of the local grapes varieties. In 1985, he decided to replant some long forgotten local grapes such as the now famous "Loin de L'Oeil" or in the local dialect "Len de l'El" meaning "Far from the Eye". He soon gained a reputation for his botrytis wine made with "Loin de l'Oeil". The wine  is now considered to be a banchmark for this particular grape vareiety as a dessert wine in the appellation Gaillac. Alain is now also considered by the French wine critics to be amongst the best producers of dessert wines in France. 

Les Gravels Rouge

VARIETALS: 40% Duras, 40% Syrah, 20% Braucol 

SOIL: Vines are planted on a plateau corresponding to the 2nd terrace of the Tam river. The terroir is composed of gravelly soils.

VINIFICATION; Each grape ferments separately at 28 - 30°C. Maceration lasts between 3 - 5 weeks, with micro-oxygenation of the wine under the cap. Tank aged for 18 months 

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