Domaine Wilfrid Rousse

Domaine Wilfrid Rousse covers 19.5 hectares between the municipalities of Savigny-en-Véron, Beaumont-en-Véron in the  Chinon AOC. It is composed of 18.5 hectares planted to Cabernet Franc and a half hectare of Chenin Blanc which he makes a tiny amount of white wine. Wilfrid works the vineyards,, organizes the harvest and vinifies the wines.  His wife Annie manages the marketing, part of the trade shows, and export sales.The driving force is organic agriculture by respect for the soil, maintaining the balance of life to protect the ecosystem, and the constant highlights of terrior from each parcel.

Housed in an old farmhouse at a place called La Halbardière, the Wilfrid Rousse estate has a special signature: a wind vane symbolizing a mermaid holding a fish in his hand. This figurine was once enthroned on the roofs of the medieval Castle Des Places in Savigny-en-Véron.  The Mermaid, half-woman, half-fish, according to the Homeric tradition is a deity of the maritime world. A talented musician, she seduced sailors, attracted them by her songs and made them lose their sense of direction.   The Siren has naturally become the blazon of the Wilfrid Rousse estate; let yourself be guided and let yourself be seduced.

Chinon Les Galuches


VARIETAL: Cabernet Franc

VINEYARD: Les Galuches is from young vines (from 5-15 years old) grown on sand and gravel lying near the river Vienne. The vineyards have been certified organic since 2011

VINIFICATION: Les Galuches is raised in tank and bottled in the spring following the vintage.

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